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Greenpeace RV Park Policies and Updates

The following rules were established to maintain high standards of cleanliness, safety and maintenance, with a “Good Neighbor Policy” in mind.  As circumstances change, these policies may as well.

In addition, the policies listed here are not meant to be comprehensive.  Park staff may inform you of additional policies as needed. Your compliance is very much appreciated and will ensure a pleasant stay for all guests.



Your nightly or weekly rent covers your lot, water, sewage, and electricity. All of our lots have both 50-amp and 30-amp service. We do require a deposit of one-night's rent to hold a lot.  Your deposit is refundable if you cancel greater than 14 days prior to arrival. The remainder of your balance is due on arrival.


Your monthly rent covers your lot, water, and sewage. You will be billed for electricity usage once we receive the invoice from Georgia Power. There is no surcharge for your electricity; we simply pass along the charges from Georgia Power for your electricity usage on your lot.

Invoices will be sent by EMAIL OR TEXT.  We cannot issue paper invoices, as many in the park do not receive mail at their RV location.  We must have a valid email address and phone number for every tenant.

You can now pay your rent and electric invoices electronically—just be sure to note your name and lot number on any payment:

  • Zelle to

  • VENMO to @pete-kavali (FRIENDS AND FAMILY ONLY, or add 3% fee)

  • PayPal to (FRIENDS AND FAMILY ONLY, or add 3% fee)

  • Cash App to $carmenkavali

As a reminder, monthly rent is due on the 1st of each month for our long-term tenants.  


Greenpeace RV Park
PO BOX 28004

Atlanta, GA 30358


Be sure to mail your payment early enough that it arrives by the due date.

Disclosures and Consent for Background Check and DEPOSIT POLICY:


We do require long-term applicants to consent to a background check, as well as attest that all information on the long-term application is correct. The application is for the use of an RV Site and does not constitute a rental or lease agreement. If your application is approved, and you decide to use the site, you agree to be bound by any and all park rules. Providing false, incorrect or incomplete information may, within discretion of Park Management, result in an automatic rejection of the application.  Any questions regarding rejected applications must be submitted in writing to Greenpeace RV Park PO BOX 28004 Atlanta, GA 30358, and accompanied by a self-addressed stamped envelope.


A DEPOSIT OF $100 IS REQUIRED TO RESERVE A LOT, once you are notified by us that a lot is available. Your lot will be made available as soon as the prior tenant departs, and that is the date your rent will begin. We cannot hold an empty long-term lot pending your arrival unless you are paying for the lot from the date it is available for you.


We do prorate monthly rent for mid-month arrivals, and that will be reflected in your initial invoice after arrival. Cancellation after payment of deposit must occur no later than 72 hours prior to your planned arrival, or your deposit will be held. Cancellation greater than 72 hours prior to arrival will allow us to refund your deposit.

Your long-term deposit is fully refundable after your departure if you leave your lot in move-in ready condition for the next tenant, you have no outstanding balance due, and you give us at least 14 days' notice prior to departure.  



We will send all updates and invoices by email or text message.  It will not be possible to opt into paper-only invoicing or notices.  Our goal is to have everyone moved to email/text invoicing and communication as soon as possible.


We have a Facebook page, and you can find updates and helpful content there.


We know the middle of the woods in South Georgia is prime breeding grounds for mosquitoes.  Our pest control company treats the park on the 4th Monday of every month.  Please mark your calendars, as ALL PETS WILL NEED TO BE INSIDE for treatment to take place.  The treatment is not harmful to our animals, but the workers won’t treat when any pet is outside, for their own safety.


We will be doing our part to control unwanted bugs, but we need you to do yours as well.  Most mosquitoes don’t fly far from where they breed, and all mosquitoes need water to breed.  It doesn’t take much water, and it doesn’t take much time, apparently. No standing water will be allowed to remain untended on any lot.  This includes empty flower pots, kiddie pools, tires, jars, pet dishes, wheelbarrows, tubs, buckets, bird baths, rain barrels, or any other open containers that hold water. 

If you have a pool or bird bath, of course you may enjoy it; just empty it and refill it with fresh water at least once per week. The same applies to pet dishes. All other vessels that could hold water should be tightly covered at all times or stored upside down so water doesn’t collect.


We understand that lot cleanup to remove these items may take a little time.  After August 1, 2021, we will be issuing gentle reminders about any remaining items on your lot.  Following that, fines may be imposed for lots remaining in violation.


For more information, visit



We thank all of you for being mindful of the unincorporated Effingham County Noise Ordinance.  We all appreciate a good night’s sleep.  As a reminder, quiet hours in the park are from 9p-7a.  The Ordinance we are required to follow can be found here: .


We will give gentle reminders of initial violations, but know that consistent violations may result in additional action.



We LOVE pets, and we know you love yours as well.  Your dogs, cats, and other typical domesticated house pets are welcome in the park.  We do expect all pet owners to act responsibly, which includes the following:

  • Immediately picking up and disposing of pet waste from your lot or elsewhere on the property.  Walking your pet in the wooded area of our property does NOT exempt an owner from prompt cleanup.  

  • Having your pet spayed/neutered or properly contained, if not. Unaltered animals are not allowed outside without direct control of the owner.

  • Dogs should not be left unattended on outside leads for extended periods of time or when you are away from your lot.

General Lot Maintenance and Appearance:

We take pride in the place we live and the work we do.  Please help keep Greenpeace looking its best by not having any of the following on your lot or our property:

  • Nonworking or unregistered vehicles

  • Appliances meant for indoor use

  • Trash (including cigarette butts) outside of a trash can

  • Tarps, tents, canopies are not allowed.  A functioning awning that is part of your RV is, of course, allowed.


Trash should be placed inside the dumpster at the front end of the property, not stored anywhere on your lot. 

We do issue fines for violation of any of these park standards, as we want our park to be a comfortable home for everyone.


Let us know if you need anything, and thank you for being our neighbor!

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